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BACS Bureau Services

As an approved BACS Bureau, we assist businesses with cost effective and market leading solutions for processing BACS collections and payments, whether it is subscription based or payments to your suppliers. We have an “Excellent” rating as a BACS Bureau and have maintained this over the years. We process, on overall, more than 150,000 payments through our BACS service.

We also provide a fully managed subscriptions services. Our BACS service is a simple and fast way to make and collect payments automatically from and to your accounts by using the Bacs payment platform. Setting up your own BACS system can be time consuming and expensive.

Key benefit from our BACS Bureau Service:

  • Improved efficiency, cash flow and time management.
  • Suppliers are always paid on time, with no risk of cheques being delayed in the post.
  • Instant confirmation when payments are made.
  • Reduced administration and business complexity– all of which can take up a great deal of your precious time.

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